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2020 Census - Time is Running Out!

Breaking - New Early End Date: The Census Bureau announced that data collection will end early with a new closing deadline of September 30, a month sooner than previously announced. Due to COVID-19, the deadline had initially been pushed back to October 31, but all forms, including field collection and self-response options, are now due at the end of September. This new date is “in response to the Bureau’s need to accelerate the completion of data collection and apportionment counts to meet the statutory deadline of December 31.”


Call to Action: Everyone needs to be counted in the Census. Please be sure to include the new September 30 end date in all of your outreach, communications and events related to the 2020 Census. With the early deadline and President’s memo – Presidential Memorandum of July 21 calling on the Census Bureau to exclude undocumented immigrants -- presenting new challenges, we encourage you to help get the word out and remind everyone how important it is they participate in the Census. It’s each community’s opportunity to make sure they receive all of the funding, resources and House seats they have due over the next 10 years.


If you have questions about any of the information in this article, please call the U.S. Census Bureau. If you like to complete the Census over the phone please call 844-330-2020 or if you have hearing concerns please call TDD 844-467-2020. 


IACO can also provide you with a lawn sign or flyer if you'd like to join us in encouraging a complete count. These items can be place on lawns or in homes, apartment buildings, businesses, nonprofit organizations, place of worships, or other places where permitted or appropriate.


For general questions about IACO and its effort please email our office at

2020 Election - Please Vote!

Ohio Information

Make sure your friends, family, clients and everyone you know are registered to vote.


Check to see if their registrations are up to date

  • If a voter has moved or changed their name, their voter registration needs to be updated. 


Online voter registration or name and address updates:

  • If a voter has an Ohio drivers’ license or state ID, they can register or update their information on line:


Mail-In Voter Registration Forms if voters don’t have an Ohio DL or ID



  • The last date to register or change the address for this election is October 5, 2020

  • If you want to get a vote-by-mail ballot application from the Secretary of State, register or update the register by August 25, 2020


Vote early in person or by mail!

  • Although the polls will be open on November 3, some polling places may be closed or understaffed resulting in long lines. To make sure you don’t miss voting, vote early!

  • Beginning 8 AM on October 6 and through 2 PM on November 2, you can vote early in person at your county board of elections. Check the Board of Elections directory for the location of early voting center in your county. 

  • You can also vote by mail. Complete the ballot application sent by the Secretary of State or posted online, then mail it to your county BOE. You can send in your ballot app now.


Make sure you fill out everything and SIGN the ballot application

  • Ballots for the November 3rd election will be mailed on October 6 to those who have applied. Return the completed ballot AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. In the spring primary 14,100 ballots did not count because they were not mailed back in time.

  • Simple instructions for mailing in your ballot:

  1. Do it right away.

  2. Fill in the ballot with black pen in the dots.

  3. Do not detach the ballot stub. Keep it attached. 

  4. Place the ballot in the ballot ID envelope and seal it.

  5. Fill in all info on the ID envelope and SIGN AND DATE. Fill in your phone number and email then the Board of Elections will call or email if you made a mistake.

  6. Double check!

  7. Place the ID envelope in the mailing envelope.

  8. Make sure you put TWO STAMPS on the envelope.

  9. Take it to the post office to mail if you can.

  10. Track your ballot  online:



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