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Taking Down Monuments: Iconoclasm & What is at Stake?

Join us for Taking Down Monuments: Iconoclasm & What is at Stake on Wednesday, July 22 at 12 noon until 1:30 pm ET via Zoom or Facebook Live.

This free program will discuss: What is the history of attacks on monuments, statues and icons in America? What role did settler colonialism play in erasures of Indigenous and African American histories? Why did the Revolutionary generation get so interested in monuments and statuary? Who gets a monument and who decides what and where? What might alternative monumentalism look like?

Zoom participants will have the opportunity to join in small group discussions while our Facebook Live guests will be able to ask questions live via the comments section of the Facebook platform.

Our keynote speaker will be Professor Margaret Newell - The Ohio State University

Her research & teaching interests include colonial and Revolutionary America, Native American History, economic history, material culture, and comparative colonial American/Latin American History. Her most recent book, Brethren by Nature: New England Indians, Colonists, and the Origins of American Slavery won the 2016 James A. Rawley prize for the best book on the history of race relations in the U.S., awarded by the Organization of American Historians and also received the Peter J. Gomes Memorial Prize for 2016 from the Massachusetts Historical Society.

To join us via Facebook Live please visit:

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